Company «Argus Contact Ltd» was registered on January 24, 2002 in Justice Department of Almaty (registration number № 45478-1910-LTD).
The basic fields of activity of the enterprise are:
• Installation, adjustment and maintenance service of the security alarm system on the basis of the use of the various wireless communication systems (cellular communication GSM, satellite communication Globalstar and others);
• Installation, adjustment and maintenance service of the monitoring systems of mobile objects on the basis of the use of the various systems of a wireless communication (cellular communication GSM, satellite communication Globalstar and others);
• Development of the Soft Ware and the equipment for rendering of the telematics systems services of different destination, and the automatic monitoring systems and management of the technological processes (AMSM TP) based on the use of wireless communication systems.
• Operation activity for rendering the services of the remote protection systems of mobile objects and the real estate, of the monitoring systems of the mobile objects and the automatic monitoring systems and management of the technological processes of different destination (AMSM TP) on the territory of Republic Kazakhstan and outside of the country on the basis of licenses and the permissions received in an order established by the law.
For 11 years of the activity, the company «Argus Contact» became one of leading system integrators and developers of telematics systems in Kazakhstan.
During the period since 2002 on present time, by the specialists of this company perform the following basic works for development and introduction of the wireless communication systems in Kazakhstan:
1. At 2002-2003 years has been realized to the various enterprises and private persons more than 100 devices GSM security alarm system with their installation on the mobile objects (cars and lorries of the legal and physical persons), and also on stationary objects, country houses and cottages) with the organization of service and transmit of the alarm signal to cellular telephones of owners.
2. From 2004 to 2010 it has been commissioned more than 20 Fleet Monitoring Systems based on GSM networks for the domestic companies and the state structures that are carrying out the control more than 250 units of vehicles. Thus, the control of the car position, a route of its movement and a state of various devices of the car not only on territory of Kazakhstan, the CIS countries, but also in Europe and Asia is carried out.
3. At 2005, the first time, the specialists of the company have developed the Software and user's terminal of the GSM network for own Fleet Monitoring System. At 2007-2010 some modernizations of this system and on functional have been spent and now with technical characteristics the domestic Fleet Monitoring System does not concede, and in some parameters surpasses similar systems of foreign manufacture. By present time, some such Fleet Monitoring Systems are already introduced in security structures and made of 300 user's terminals in Kazakhstan.
4. At 2012 with active participation of the company "Argus Contact" the integration of the own Fleet Monitoring System into operating System MISS-03 of the Specialized emergency medical aid of Almaty city has been spent.
At the middle of 2013, the "Argus Contac Ltd" has received the license for granting of services of a satellite mobile communication in Kazakhstan and at December 2013 has entered into the agreement with Russian operator Globaltel on granting services of the satellite communication Globalstar system on the territory of our republic. The specialists of our company already have experience for the development of the Fleet Monitoring System based on satellite communication system Globalstar and cellular communication system GSM, using dual-mode phones Telit-550. We hope that till the end of 2014 the new Fleet Monitoring System of mobile objects with use of modern equipment Globalstar will be developed.