Asynchronous Data Transfer

"Argus Contact" Ltd provides the outgoing and incoming asynchronous data transfer of 9.6 KB/s in both directions (full duplex) using AT Qualcomm GSP1620, GSP1600, GSP2800, GSP2800xx; Telit SAT 550 and SAT600; Ericsson R290*; car kits Qualcomm GCK1410 and Telit SAT551**; marine kit Telit SAT550X**; set kit "Pelican".

Outbound data is available for use immediately after activation of the purchased terminal. Inbound data is available immediately after activation, if the purchase was commissioned the 2nd number for incoming data, or by separate application of arbitrary form to LCA 8-(727)-382-30-97, 8-(727)-225-97-99 (LCA will report assigned to the 2nd number at the contact phone number of the subscriber). LTD "Argus Contact" provides access to the Internet (multi-line telephone number 123, without login) that will allow you to browse WEB sites, send/receive e-mail messages through the Web, download-to-transfer files. Cable for transferring data and instructions for use can be purchased in LTD "Argus Contact” and regional representatives.

*) Only in GSM-900;
**) To use asynchronous data transfer on car kit Telit SAT551 and marine kits Telit SAT550X necessary modernization holder terminal and a data cable DT550.


Mobile Internet 123

“The Mobile Internet 123" service allows you to access the Internet from your computer using satellite terminals Qualcomm GSP1600, GSP2800, GSP2800xx; Telit SAT 550 and SAT600; Ericsson R290 (GSM-900); car kits Qualcomm GCK1410, Telit SAT551; marine kits Telit SAT550X; Qualcomm modems GSP1620 and GSP1620хх; set kit Pelican.

Internet access is provided on the primary network of Rostelecom with a quality guarantee. Work is ensured at all vehicle speeds, including in the plane through the window. For subscribers 2, 4 and 8-channel terminal provides access mode multilink (MPPP) block channel code 124. Roaming access numbers respectively 7-954-229-9999 and 7-954-229-9998. Access 123 works in roaming in the area Elsacom. You do not need to purchase an Internet card or enter into agreements with Internet service providers and pay for Internet access. You pay only for the traffic on the existing rates.

The sequence of connection settings:

1. With the help of data cable connect terminal by the COM port of the computer.
2. Install the driver for the modem – “Standard modem 19200 bod".
3. To configure remote access in Windows' 98:

  • select menu: start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Remote network access;
    • click "Next";
    • enter a name for this connection, for example Globalstar;
    • select the appropriate modem and establish a connection speed of 19.2 kbit/s;
    • click "Next";
    • in the field "Phone number" set specify the number to dial 123;
    • click "Next";
    • in the next window, click "Finish".

    Your computer is ready to connect to the Internet.

    1. To configure remote access Windows 2000:
  • select menu: start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Communications -> Remote network access;
    • click "Next";
    • select "Dial-up to private network";
    • click "Next";
    • select the appropriate modem and establish a connection speed of 19.2 kbit/s;
    • click "Next";
    • in the field "phone Number" set specify the number to dial 123;
    • click "Next";
    • in "connection Availability", the subscriber can select any item in its sole discretion;
    • click "Next";
    • enter a name for this connection, for example GLOBALSTAR;
    • press the "Finish"button;

          Your computer is ready to connect to the Internet. 

5. To connect to the Internet in the "Remote access to the network, select the icon GlobalTel and press Enter.
If you encounter difficulties with connecting, check the settings for "Remote access":

• right mouse button, select the icon GlobalTel;
• in the menu that appears, select "Properties";
• in the "General" tab check "Use country code and the communication settings must be disabled in the "Phone" number 123;
• in the "Connection" must be set to "Standard modem 19200 baud";
• you must make sure that in the "Setup connection" is not checked the field "Output the terminal window before dialing" and "show terminal window after dialing";
• in the "server Type" in the dropdown menu "Type of dial-up server” should be: PPP: Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5, Internet;
• in the "advanced options" check "Software compression"; in the "Valid network protocols”: TCP/IP; the other check boxes to disable;
• select the button "configure TCP/IP";
• in the resulting window should be set to "IP Address assigned by the server", "server assigns Addresses", "Use IP header compression", "Use default gateway on remote network;

For Windows'98:

• in the "Connections" tab tick "Use additional devices";
• press button "Add";
• if the "Add" button does not become active, then install the modem driver is "Standard 9600 baud modem” on COM2, and in this case, the "Add" button should become active;.
• in the window "Edit channel" in the "device Name" to choose the same "Standard modem 19200 baud";
• in the "Phone" field, write the number 123;
• press the "OK";
• click "OK".

For Windows 2000:

• in the tab "Network" click the button "Configure";
• the appeared window the "PPP Options" to put the icon (check mark) next to each row (basic - icon next to the line "Negotiate multi-link for single link connections";
• press the "OK";
• click "OK".

Use one of the Globalstar terminal allows you to connect to the Internet at speeds up to 9600 bits/sec. Connecting to a computer multi-channel satellite modem allows you to increase the speed of Internet access. To configure access multilink multi-terminal, use the access code 124


Packet data

Packet data service in the Globalstar satellite communications provided to subscribers, exploiting mobile subscriber terminals Qualcomm GSP1600 (including when used in conjunction with the car kit GCK1400/1410 stationary modeliGSP2800, modems GSP1620 and modifications of these models, such as:

• Marine terminals GSP2800M
• 1-channel housing modems GSP1620x1
• 2-channel (GSP1620x2), 4 and 8-channel (GSP1620x4, GSP1620x8) hull wireless modem pools.
In a satellite communication system Globalstar packet data service enables wireless access to Internet and other TCP / IP packet-switched networks. When a data connection terminals Globalstar also function as wireless modems. They are connected by special serial cable to computers, such as the IBM-compatible PC, "handhelds" Palm and others, the Macintosh, and Unix, and others.

After connecting to the network with packet switching on the number to dial # 777 Globalstar subscriber can use his familiar applications (WEB-browsers, mail and FTP-client, etc.) This opens the possibility of: 

• browse the Internet;
• work with e-mail;
• send and receive data;
• access their corporate network and work with applications on your home computer to a remote server;
• load-unload data from remote servers via FTP;
• Establish a "sleep" mode when pauses data (at the time of billing pause pauses).
All the listed range of packet data services in the Globalstar system provides the work with an average speed of 8.7 kbit/s for reception and transmission of compressed files up to 10-12 kbit/s at reception and transmission of text documents. Globalstar, in accordance with the tariff plan supports billing packet data services at intervals of 15 seconds.

When a packet data transmission system Globalstar further implemented the so-called sleep mode (dormant mode), when, after a preset period of time after the reception and transmission of the last byte of data radio is turned off, but the server is the gateway maintains a dynamic IP-address of the customer's PC and the connection is restored when resumption of activity (data reception and transmission) without re-dialing. This mode allows the customer's PC to be online constantly similarly to the GPRS networks.

Caution: the packet data service actually provides open access to the Internet, that does not protected against possible attacks present in the network scanning viruses and so on. Therefore, by using the sleep mode the user has to provide the necessary protection measures himself, such as checking the IP address of the incoming message, and others.

Comparison of packet and asynchronous data transfer Globalstar

The table below shows for comparison the characteristic properties sold in packet and asynchronous data communication system Globalstar.


Packet     Asynchronous
Direct connection to the Internet or wth packet network through gateway (SS) Globalstar  Connect via SS and the PSTN to the remote modem Internet service provider ( and access numbers "123", "124")
Packet data is transmitted, received via the Internet to the server to access the destination  Asynchronous data is transferred directly to a remote PC or via server access ISP
Typical setup time 4-8 sec. (Not charged) Typical setup time of 30-60 seconds (time-modem sharing, is charged)
There is no separate billing for traffic on terrestrial channels to the Internet  When you exit the Internet through a local service provider (not Globalstar), have to pay for traffic access to the Internet separately

Quality Data: Max does not depend on regional terrestrial communications channels, because Connect to the Internet network directly
Quality data: Depends on dial-up and quality of the regional terrestrial channels local ISP. If you are using Internet access code 123/124 Globalstar maximum quality
Incoming connections to the mobile terminal need to activate sleep mode  incoming connections on the mobile terminal can be made by dialing the second number for the data transfering terminal/modem Globalstar
In the pauses batch exchange radio can be turned off (sleep mode option - dormant mode) .Radiokanal and charging off for a while in sleep mode, and restarts when exiting sleep mode to normal. Reduction of the total traffic and payments due to the sleep mode. E-mail a resume. Mail or data at the cliffs satellite visibility.  Tariffing: Only full-time employment PSTN dial-up channel. When cliffs satellite visibility sometimes transmit-receive email. mail starts from the beginning.
Code to access the Internet # 777 operates globally in almost all Globalstar *  Code to access the Internet 123 and 124 only works in the service area Globatel and Elsakom (Europe)


*) Accurate information on the global work area code # 777 is available from the CPA tel: 8-(727)-382-30-97, 8-(727)-225-97-99

How to organize the work in packet mode Globalstar?

Consider organizing a packet data transmission on the example of AT Qualcomm GSP1600. We mentioned that when working with the portable terminal GSP1600 uses a special serial cable RS232 (for connecting a terminal with COM-port of a personal computer), which can be purchased complete with CD, containing the installation utilities, and documentation.

In the case of subscriber terminals Qualcomm other models and a variety of computer platforms (See above.) use additional connectors or cables that are supplied with terminals (not always included in kit).

Connect your terminal Globalstar by COM-port of your PC.

Make sure that no other application is on port (e.g. COM1), assigned to the packet data network.

• Configure your computer (menu item "Modem", standard modem 19200 bits / sec)) for packet data just as you would with a conventional modem in the "dial" (dial-up connection). If necessary, assign the AT-command for modem to "sleep" mode at+cta=N; at & c0, where N - timeout disconnection of essential compounds Globalstar Packet Exchange and N = 10 ÷ 255 sec. If the value is not set, it is assumed to be 0 and Hibernation will not occur. Command at&c0 disable control of the carrier and does not break the connection between the terminal and PC terminal when entering sleep mode. With the resumption of the exchange the connection will be restored.

To set the modem create a data connection to connect to the Internet (for example, with the name <GS Packet Data 777>) on the number to dial # 777 (city code and dialing rules do not use, fields with the user name and password leave blank).

With these settings at the time of dialing into a gateway will be a direct connection to the Internet. The PC connected to the terminal Globalstar assigned a dynamic IP-address. For stationary users can be assigned a fixed IP-address, for more information on assigning fixed IP-address, contact "Argus Contact Ltd".
• Turn on your terminal Qualcomm GSP1600. Expand the satellite antenna on the terminal and make sure that the AT registered Globalstar network (icon i).
• Click on the icon you created a packet connection (in this example is <GS Packet Data 777 >>. When the dialog box “Connect To” appears, click Dial (Windows 2000). On the display GSP1600 terminal appears message on the beginning of the packet connection:

• After completion of the connection window “Verifying Username and Password” on your computer will minimize and the display of the terminal will show

where "PPP @ 9.6" indicates that the transmission rate of 9600 bits / sec., And "TR" shows the readiness to work on the transfer of and reception.

• Open custom application to work with the Internet, for example, the browser Internet Explorer, and enter the address of the Web page.

• To turn off the data connection:
1) double-click on the indicator compound (in the lower right corner of your computer screen;
2) click Disconnect (disconnect).
Subscribe to the service, "Packet data" can call the "Argus Contact Ltd" call: 8-(727)-382-30-97, 8-(727)-225-97-99