Satellite operator announced that the company General Electrics carries out the successful introduction of the operator's proposed solutions to improve the safety of workers on wind stations employees. According to published data we are talking about 70 groups of wind turbines, which are located in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The company Globalstar received three contracts for the placement of tracking systems in the interest of oil companies. Contracts obtained through the work of the Tunisian partner of the operator. A distinctive feature of the new contracts is that deployed at the customer equipment will have the ability to switch between satellite and GSM communications.

Globalstar, the company started selling in the European and African markets, selling its new chipset (Stingr). The new product combines the capabilities of transmitting, and also has the opportunity to join in the role of receiver of signals from GPS systems. In the opinion of the operator this integration significantly simplifies the process of developing products for end users that will positively affect the company's revenues. In addition, in its press release, the operator noted that the ultimate consumers of new products based on the chipset can become a logistics and other companies who need to track the status of material values.

        Argus Contact, Ltd, the operator providing services of mobile satellite communication Globalstar in Kazakhstan, conducted the first test of the Fleet Monitoring System with using satellite terminals SmartOne_B and SmartOne_С to track the location and route of movement of mobile assets in remote and sparsely populated areas of Kazakhstan, and also in any part of the world where the system of Satellite Mobile Communication (SMC) Globalstar is operating.

The European subsidiary of Globalstar announced the conclusion with Shell agreement regarding the provision of services of transmission of information on the status and location of ships of the oil company.

Globalstar and Manx Telecom form alliance to trial Extended Mobile Network (EMN), an integrated mobile communications solution.

EMN’s goal is to switch between multiple cellular networks and Globalstar’s satellite network, ensuring near ubiquitous coverage.

EMN will be initially offered to FRAN (First Responder Auxiliary Network) enabling communications continuity across the UK for first responders.

Trials with selected users are targeted to start in Summer 2016.

Globalstar, Inc.(NYSE MKT: GSAT) announced today the awarding of a Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) from the FAA for its Part 23 Light Aviation Aircraft Antenna. The issuance of the STC validates that all quality and safety requirements of the FAA for the product have been met through rigorous testing and evaluation which took place over the past year. The initial issuance was obtained on a Beechcraft Baron with an additional 700 models expected to be added to the Approved Model List (AML). A market consisting of hundreds of thousands of General Aviation Pilots can now practically and affordably make calls, send emails and text messages and browse the internet from the cockpit, without the need for cellular access. 

Globalstar expects to increase the speed of data transfer with the help of his group of second-generation spacecraft is about 25 times. However, to achieve such a speed the company would need to upgrade their ground stations, for this purpose the company has planned to sign a $ 140 million. the contract with Hughes. At the same time, 85 percent of the funds have already been found, the President said the satellite operator. The new system will be fully backward compatible with the existing grouping and is expected to be commissioned in the end of next year. At the same time, end-user data transfer rate will increase from 9.6 kbit / sec. up to 256 kbit / sec. In addition, the company Hughes will develop for compatible grouping of devices new microchip that will be installed on end user devices.

Major UK water provider selects SPOT Gen3 to keep 1,500 staff safe.

Northumbrian Water evaluated 46 providers before choosing a hybrid satellite and smartphone/GSM platform from Lone Worker Solutions™.

SPOT Gen3 chosen for satellite tracking and SOS because of its reach, reliability and ease-of-use.

Globalstar, the company with the help of his partner Ovinto carried out equipping their systems with more than 500 rail cars. The necessity of this event was due to the fact that, the customer company Sabic, specializiruetsya for transportation of chemical substances, and therefore it is very important to monitor their vehicles in real-time. The framework provided by the carrier solution made up STX3 chipsets, which are designed to work in real-time.

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