System users

System users (12)

Representatives of the state bodies often leaving in regions of the country where there are no terrestrial kinds of communication.

The employees of power structures providing legality and an order in places where there is a danger of failure of any kinds of terrestrial communication.

The soldiers performing antiterrorist operations, protection of border and objects in deaf and hard-to-reach places.

The specialized state structures participating in liquidation of extreme situations and techno genic disasters in places where absent, or destroyed terrestrial kinds of communication.

The staff of air, marine and river fleet of Kazakhstan, making flights to areas where are absent services of terrestrial kinds of communication

Employees of oil-, gas- and mining the industries conducting working out and extraction on the fields in remote and uninhabited places.

The staff of the exploration and archaeological expeditions conducting search of deposits and research in deaf and uninhabited places

Long journey on the land and on the sea where there are no other kinds of communication.

Hunters and fishermen on the reserved places and grounds.

Monitoring of all kinds of mobile objects in deserted, or the remote and hard-to-reach places (special vehicle, the railway, small aircraft and other).

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